city walk and talk. (day five)

The most normal of all the days.

Wake up softly.



Make salsa.


Afternoon Starbucks.

And an evening Austin city walk.

Almost felt like we were back to living together again.

rachcodiwalk83 - img_4522__

rachcodiwalk99 - img_4637__rachcodiwalk82 - img_4527__

rachcodiwalk91 - img_4600__

rachcodiwalk96 - img_4577__rachcodiwalk95 - img_4578__

rachcodiwalk7 - img_4582__

rachcodiwalk92 - img_4585__rachcodiwalk122 - img_4626__rachcodiwalk8 - img_4539__

rachcodiwalk9 - img_4540__

rachcodiwalk5 - img_4647__rachcodiwalk102 - img_4652__

img_6170afterlightimage 27rachcodiwalk4 - img_4734__

rachcodiwalk114 - img_4719__

rachcodiwalk115 - img_4721__rachcodiwalk116 - img_4728__

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