oh, the ocean! (day six)

All the ocean tears for our last full day together in Galveston, Texas.

Three hours there.

Three hours back.

Still never really enough time.


rachcodiwalk30 - img_4780__


rachcodiwalk38 - img_4804__

rachcodiwalk140 - img_4793__


rachcodiwalk136 - img_4828__

rachcodiwalk141 - img_4813__seagulls

rachcodiwalk63 - img_4876__

rachcodiwalk62 - img_4866__rachcodiwalk58 - img_4853__rachcodiwalk142 - img_4896__rachcodiwalk68 - img_4899__

rachcodiwalk132 - img_4914__rachcodiwalk1312 - img_4913__

rachcodiwalk139 - img_4830__rachcodiwalk143 - img_4922__rachcodiwalk21 - img_4933__

rachcodiwalk76 - img_4936__

rachcodiwalk137 - img_4965__

rachcodiwalk51 - img_4955__

rachcodiwalk47 - img_4962__rachcodiwalk78 - img_4981__rachcodiwalk49 - img_4989__

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