can’t believe we went to magnolia market! (day four)

We road-tripped up to Waco, Texas to visit Magnolia Market.

Like what.

Chip and Jo, you two really know how to make things beautiful.

Though I will say, the retro diner we went to after was beautiful too.

(And it had bacon).

Magnolia Market

magnolia22 - img_4282__

magnolia40 - img_4308__

magnolia42 - img_4313__magnolia50 - img_4354__

magnolia11 - img_4359__

magnolia55 - img_4369__

magnolia52 - img_4358__magnolia46 - img_4327__

magnolia17 - img_4323__magnolia7 - img_4334__

magnolia24 - img_4350__magnolia64 - img_4397__

magnolia60 - img_4380__magnolia25 - img_4425__

Health Camp Diner

magnolia67 - img_4446__

magnolia68 - img_4485__

magnolia28 - img_4454__magnolia27 - img_4476__magnolia26 - img_4442__

magnolia2 - img_4493__

magnolia71 - img_4508__magnolia3 - img_4495__afterlightimage 28

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