rach & codi arrive in atx! (day one)

This day was the best blur.


Codi and Rach landed in ATX around noon. I was blasting the song, Africa, as I literally jumped and Koala Bear-ed Rachael on the side of the airport pick up area. It was a rainy day in Austin. Too cold for my taste, but as predicted whenever I see my girls, my heart warmed up everything else in my body that was shivering.

I gave them the teeny tour of our tiny Treehouse. Then we traveled to Target to get things on our to-do list (Like lotion and wine, just girly thingz) .

As-per-usual, I took them to get tacos and guac at Juan-in a Million and when Ellie came home in the evening we ordered pupusas at our favorite food truck because DUH.

We ended the night blowing up the air mattress in the living room and watching Dumplin. Dreaming in Dolly Parton, probably.


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