an atx adventure (day two)

A full day in our lovely city, Austin.

Everything from lattes in the morning to drinks late at night.

So so so so grateful the sun came out.

The brightest day.


rachandcodiatx - img_4144__rachandcodiatx6 - img_4119__rachandcodiatx8 - img_4102__rachandcodiatx4 - img_4140__

rachandcodiatx7 - img_4112__rachandcodiatx12 - img_4127__

rachandcodiatx11 - img_4124__

South Congress

rachandcodiatx15 - img_4149__

rachandcodiatx20 - img_4180__rachandcodiatx22 - img_4190__rachandcodiatx26 - img_4200__rachandcodiatx27 - img_4207__

rachandcodiatx28 - img_4222__

rachandcodiatx33 - img_4237__rachandcodiatx35 - img_4243__

rachandcodiatx53 - img_4176__

Magnolia Cafe

The Treehouse

AfterlightImage 26.JPG

Don’s Depot

rachandcodiatx50 - img_5955__


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