#34: Here’s something you should write on your hand.


  1. Kathy Schwanke

    This is beautiful. Beauty from ashes!! I love how the Lord works and turns out darkness into light.

    To underscore what you were saying, the Lord recently showed me that when he talks to Jacob (Isaiah is my favorite book of the Bible) he is talking to his individual son or daughter, and when he addresses Israel, he is talking to his people. In our case, the collective Body of Christ.

    Jests reflects this passage in Luke l0:20 — our joy is in being HIS! (That is what I just wrote on my hand today: HIS!)

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  2. Adele

    You amaze me, and then I realize it truly is the Holy Spirit speaking through you…it’s because of your authentic, one-on-one relationship with God. Not that age matters really, but I am 60 years old & totally astounded by what you say, how it ministers to me, and resonates with me. It blows my mind sometimes. God uses you more than you can possibly know! I also had similar issues in my life…I am so glad you openly talk about them as I kept them secret. I pray you will truly be able see the incredibly whole and complete person you are with God’s love & direction in your life. I really had to chuckle because you said you hadn’t been reading the Bible & then the Holy Spirit gave you this beautiful insight. Adele

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