#33: I have self-image issues. (also what is body dysmorphia because I might have it too?)

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  1. Kathy Schwanke

    Dear Molly,
    I am so sorry you are struggling with all of these things.

    I want to encourage you with something that the Lord spoke to me when I was in a PIT of anxiety and depression in my mid-thirties. Something that set me free. It’s a simple truth, and powerful:

    “You are not a victim of your thoughts.”

    What you read from the description of body dysmorphia describes the opposite — thoughts as rulers rather than as the slaves that they are. Since you are born again, you are a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST the Holy Spirit is the ruler of your thoughts, not your “old self” — When He is Lord, He reigns. You have the mind of Christ and are no longer subject to the dominion of your old ways of thinking.

    You can take your thoughts captive by the power of the Holy Spirit. You can choose to turn your mind off of your body, off of your looks, off of your hair (which is beautiful btw) and on to the Lord.

    We need to speak the truth out loud in those moments when we feel imprisoned to “hate” thoughts … instead of “I hate my hair,” say out loud, “Thank you Lord, that you gave me this hair. I know my hair isn’t what makes me valuable, but it is your love for me that establishes my value. (We know this in our minds, but our hearts have to come to believe it, right?) … I REJECT the LIE that my looks have any bearing on my identity. I receive the TRUTH that You are the Lover of my soul. I am so sorry, Lord, that I fail to believe your love for me, I must not truly believe it will satisfy me. Please root out my worldly-influenced thinking, deliver me from worshiping the wrong god, that of people’s opinions, and plant new, true thoughts in my heart. Thoughts that will free me. Help me picuture YOU looking at me instead of people. IN JESUS’ Name. ❤

    Molly, there is something called spiritual warfare that is talked about far too little — but this life of faith is a battle, and we need to intentionally take up the sword of the Spirit, and actively tear down the lies that Satan seeks to trap us in, and renew our minds — thankfully, Jesus IN US gives us the power to retrain our brains.

    I’m praying for you, and praising God for your willingness to talk through things that are seeking to imprison you. Satan lies, and the light of Jesus overpowers the lies of darkness — completely! You are FREE in Jesus.

    I love you,

    Book Recommendation: This is a short read, but I think it will help you understand more about the victory you have. 🙂


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