what is a Champion?


There are very few people that I would call a champion.

But there is one I know for sure. Meet my cousin Hunter Marko. On February 27th, Hunter won his fourth state wrestling title making him a 4 Time State Wrestling Champion. Only 13 other Wisconsin wrestlers have been able to add that phrase after their names (and not many others can say this about their cousins either). So you can bet that my heart is exploding as I type these words.

The thing is though, Hunter is not a champion because of what he can put after his name, or the numerous medals placed around his neck, or the dozens of trophies that no longer fit on his shelves. It’s much more than that.

Webster’s dictionary defines a champion as a warrior, a fighter, and one that does battle for another’s right or honor, and Hunter is every definition of that word.


It is oh-so-fitting that Hunter represents the Amery Warriors. His warrior heart is pumping with bravery, strength, and courage. Like a warrior, Hunter stays true to himself and everything he believes in.


Hunter always fights for what is right, even if he stands alone. Through the pain, the doubt, the fear, and the pressure, Hunter fights with everything he’s got. I have never seen him give up and I don’t think I ever will.

One that does battle for another’s honor.

People are always amazed by Hunter’s humility in the midst of fame. This humble attitude comes because he is battling for God’s honor and not for his own. With every win and every loss, he gives the glory to the Lord. He is completely selfless–fighting for something that lasts longer than a 6 minute match. hunter4

Hunter reminds us that you don’t have to be a wrestler to be a champion. We all can be champions in our own way, but only when we first realize who the greatest champion is.

From a crazy-proud cousin of a 4 Time State Champion,


“For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory.” Psalm 149:4

“Hunter is a Champion because…” video


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