Big Break (tuesday).

I woke up with a lot of self doubt this morning. I was feeling very unable to go out to Panama City Beach again to reach these people. 

I went out to the water early like I always do and I started to write and pray. Lately I’ve been praying for love. I want to have a true and authentic love for everyone. I also prayed for a heart like God’s. One that does not judge or condemn. I don’t know. I just wasn’t feeling like I was the right person. That I didn’t really have much to give. I was more nervous for today’s day of sharing than yesterday’s. Which is odd. The thing I remembered then, was the verse from my brother, so I wrote it in the sand. 

This is the verse where God reminds us that he will always be with us. Then I headed off to the morning session, which to no surprise, told me exactly what I needed to hear. That God wants to USE us. We don’t need to force anything, but simply be the branch and HE will bare the fruit. 

Talking on the beach was shorter today so we didn’t have that many conversations, but the ones we did have were really great. I really feel like we planted seeds, showed kindness, and left people thinking. 

Right after evangelizing on the beach, it was time for our “creative dates”. This is where the guys of a room ask the girls to their condo and cook them dinner. (And us girls will do the same for the boys on Thursday). This was such a special little time. Now, I don’t know these people very well, especially the boys, but it was so precious to see them be so thoughtful and sweet. They cooked a great meal of steak, samon, asparagus, potatos, salad, chocolate chip muffins, and various kinds of “fancy” lemonade. And to top it off, we had some nice guitar playing in the background as well! 

It was just a great reminder about how the guy we should be looking to date should treat us. We shouldn’t be settling for anything less than the best. I think so many girls simply settle now days. It’s hard sometimes to be single but this little date was a reminder that it’s going to be worth the wait. 

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  1. Kathy Schwanke

    I am so enjoying your posts and seeing the way the Lord is both using you and growing you. Love love it!

    And so wishing I was walking on a beach. 🙂
    No doubt He has big [plans for your life)


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