Big Break (monday).

Panama City Beach couldn’t have asked for better weather today. 80 degrees, little humidity, and enough sunshine for everyone to enjoy. 

The day started out with a beautiful morning sunrise. But that isn’t really any surprise because it always is beautiful. 

Mornings have always been my favorite part of the day, but here in Florida, they are ten times as sweet. This is the view I see from my balcony. Every. Single. Day. I’m going to miss not waking up to this. 

Today was the first day of evangelizing on the beach. Talk about scary. How do you just “talk to people about Jesus”? Especially without sounding crazy, judgemental, or just out of place? During the training that morning we learned how to make connections with people. We simply need to love them, because that is what Christ did for us. Then, once a relationship is formed, you can bring up Cru and ask them some questions just related to their life and what they believe. And sometimes simply listening is the best way to evangelize.

“Fear tell us what we have to do” -our speaker Matt

We were all pretty nervous and scared to go out on the beach that day. But it was something that we knew we had to do. I knew that whoever we were going to talk to, was meant to be talked with. Regardless of fear, God is present and powerful. 

The beach was packed. 

And I could see why. The weather was beyond perfect. Bodies crammed on the sand, music boomed from speakers, and jet skis whizzed on the blue ocean. And there we were. Our group of five, heading right into it, sharing the love of Jesus.

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