I tutor on Tuesdays in a 1st grade at Life Prep Academy in St. Paul. Let me just say it is a lot different than a rural school like Amery where almost everyone is exactly like you. The walls are brightly painted as the rainbow and the kids are just as colorful–white children, African American children, Asian children, Hispanic children, and a mix in between. 

I have formed a really close bond with a now “seven-year-old-on-February-twenty-fifth” named Seniada. She is so small and smart. One of the first things she said to me was a riddle about a river. Seniada has rectangular glasses and always saves some of her snacks for home. Today we colored a picture together. We just talked about little things as we shaded in-between the lines. We read some books together too. 

At 3:50, us tutors said our goodbyes and headed out the door. We had taken no more then five steps when I heard a “Miss Molly!” Seniada rushed out, our colored paper in hand, and gave me as big a hug as she could give. “Goodbye,” she said in her sweet voice, “I will see you next Wednesday!” And she scurried back to her classroom. 

I had a warm heart after that on the bus ride back to River Falls. I can’t wait to see her next Tues(Wednes)day. 

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