A Starbucks Date. (with me)

I went to Starbucks alone today. Just me, myself, and I. I had a coupon for a free small coffee but I wanted a medium so asked if I could simply pay the difference. Apparently you can’t do that but this kind-hearted barista let me have the whole thing for free anyways. Whipped cream and all! My toffee nut latte in hand, I found a table next to the window to sit. It was also by a stone fireplace that flickered with artificial flames. I pulled out my laptop and got crackin’ on some serious homework that needed to be done. I stayed in that Starbucks long past my last sip of latte. I liked watching people come and go, listening to the rush and grind of the coffee machines mixed with conversations, and smell the richness of roasted beans. All the while, the world was continuing outside of the shop. The sun was slowing setting and the sky grew hazier. 

It’s kind of a weird idea but, I took myself out for a date today. And it was really nice. Yes, there was a point when my heart sank because I realized that I was without a companion. a partner. a friend. But just because you are alone in a moment, doesn’t mean you are alone in life. Something about being alone makes people all of a sudden feel as though they have nobody else. They suddenly forget about all of the people back at home, or in school, or in their phone–the people who care deeply about them. Why is that I wonder? 

I eventually fought through that stage and felt truly happy sitting at that Starbucks with no one in front of me but my glowing laptop screen. I know that one day there will be someone there. Someone who loves me as much as I love him. But not yet. For now, it looks like I’ll be paying for my own toffee nut lattes. 

(with whipped cream).

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