back to bangs and brown hair! (& learning to love me regardless)

Reallllllllll random blog post (wut is this), but I wanted to put these photos somewhere in the world wide web!

Plus it feels very significant to have this hair again. Dark brown and bangs. We are bringing it back to OG Molly Marko!

I’m not 100% confident with it yet. It’s quite the shock too.

I went from the blondest I ever was, back to the brownest I’ve ever been.

(And I wasn’t expecting it to come out quite this dark either) This mini, makeshift, in-home photoshoot made me feel a little more at peace with it though.

It’s oddly comforting having my old hair in a new habitat. I’ve been trying to figure out who I am in Austin ever since October and I think having this hair will help.

Also, my dear friend in Austin, Alexa, texted me two questions to answer to help me learn to love myself this year. Which, if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know this is a bloody, back-and-forth battle for me. I thought I’d attach my answers here. In the end, those are the things I want to be noticed about me.

Not my hair.

Gosh, I wish I could say, “New hair, don’t care,” but I still kinda care.

I’ll get there.




mollynewwhairlol2 - img_3684__mollynewwhairlol3 - img_3696__mollynewwhairlol5 - img_3670__mollynewwhairlol5 - img_3705__mollynewwhairlol5 - img_3707__

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