10 things I do for self care (that’s not face masks and bubble baths).


I don’t remember the last time I took a bath.

And sure, a face mask benefits my pores, it doesn’t really help my soul (plus I can’t justify buying them when you can only use them once).

So here’s a list of things I do that help me take care of me so that maybe they will help you take care of you!

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1. Be all by myself (and not feel ashamed about it).

I’m an introvert so if I’m not alone after being with people for too long, I will probably collapse. But there is a part of me that feels guilty about needing solitude. I’ve learned to let that part go because in order to be a better me, I need to be alone with me for a little bit.

2. Buy something.

It feels so good to spend money on yourself. I recently bought two books and a Minolta film camera for no real reason at all. I still feel the effects of this now when I flip through the book or fiddle with the film camera. You are worth spending a little something on.

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3. Wear something you feel comfortable in.

A soft t-shirt, loose sweatshirt, a long dress, a favorite color, a complimenting hat. Feeling comfy in your skin is what self care is all about really.

4. Create something because you don’t have to. 

That’s where the graphic for this blog came from actually! I took my time. I tried different fonts. Moved pictures around. No pressure. No deadline.

5. Eat bread.

The bread of life is the Bible and friend, you gotta eat. So sometimes when I’m starving, like really soul-starving, I open my Bible to a random page. God will show you what you need if you’re willing to search for it. Trust me, it’s there and it’s really good for you (and I guess actual bread could also be interchangeable here)

6. Yoga or a YouTube workout video.

Bodies are supposed to bend and be used! I’m on my laptop and phone a lot, so working out is a treat for me (well, when I have time and happen to feel motivated enough).

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7. Selfie sesh (and share if you want!).

All the pictures from this blog came from this form of self care too! There is something powerful about having a picture you like of yourself. And then go ahead and share ’em! Sometimes it gives other people permission to feel pretty and powerful too.

8. Discover more about my enneagram number.

Learning about your enneagram number is like finding a secret treasure map to your superhero self. It helps you be better to others, but also to be better to yourself. I’ll listen to podcasts, Google my number, follow Instagram accounts or hashtags (#enneagramfour), watch YouTube videos, everything!

9. Drink coffee with whipped cream.

This doesn’t really need to be explained.

10. Write down everything.

I put it all on a sheet of paper—partly so I don’t forget and partly because there isn’t enough room in my mind to hold all of it. Whether it be stuff I gotta or wanna do, big dreams, phrases, lessons I’ve been learning, goals, things I should buy, gosh, put. it. down. It doesn’t need to be stuffed in your thoughts! (Plus you might need it later, you never know)

There you are, my friend. A couple ways I love myself without bubbles or lotion!

Take care now. ❤

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