when God gives you a speeding ticket.


Caught going 70 in a 55.

Why were you going to fast?

You don’t have anything to run away from that you won’t need to come back to eventually.

Why didn’t you slow down?

And whatever you are running to won’t be ready if you get there too early.

You hand the sheriff your license and crinkled registration and lean your head back against the car headrest, praying—for the first time that day—but praying the man has heard of the word ‘forgiveness’.


Not in his vocab, apparently.

When you are back on the road, you notice all the speed limit signs you drove by too fast to notice before.

You also notice just how many times you take things to the limit.

And just how many times you take yourself over the limit.

You are always distracted.

This is why you shouldn’t be driving.

You know, riding shotgun doesn’t mean you the ride can’t be enjoyed.

Going the speed limit in the passenger seat means you will get there not just on time, but at the right time.

Going the speed limit in the passenger seat means you can dive your hands in the breeze out the window.

Going the speed limit in the passenger seat means you can wonder about the world passing outside instead of a flickering blur in the corner of your eye.

I guess there is something that is more valuable than $175 that God doesn’t want you to miss out on.

So I will not only slow down when I am going too fast, but I will pull over, unbuckle my seatbelt, walk around the hood of my burgundy Toyota Avalon, and slide in shotgun.

I’m letting Jesus drive now. Even though I think he drives too slow sometimes, I know he will always get me there safe and sound.

And he tends to like the scenic route.


P.S. Remind me to pay my ticket by November 6th!!!!

“Then Jesus went to work on his disciples. “Anyone who intends to come with me has to let me lead. You’re not in the driver’s seat; I am.” Matthew 16:24 MSG








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