canvas cabin getaway.

cabin-retreat-photos-2No T.V.

No plans.

No boys.

Just six girls, rest, and laughter in a cabin up north. (s’mores included)! Canvas—the bible study we started at our tiny Midwestern college—has been one of those God-things for me. As Rachael said,

“Sometimes God puts the right people into our lives at just the right time.”

This post is just a pile of the pictures I took frantically as the weekend whizzed by. More important than the pictures, though, is the little lessons I learned from these five hearts during that short, short time. I hope you enjoy scrolling through these snippets, and God, thank you for bringing us together (Even if it did go by way too fast).canvas8-1-of-1canvas5-1-of-1cabin18-1-of-1canvas-1-of-1canvas3-1-of-1cabin2-1-of-1cabin20-1-of-1



(Lesson I learned from Rach: We tend to find ourselves when we give ourselves to others).


(Lesson I learned from Nicole: Silence is golden, but speaking your heart is priceless).


(Lesson I learned from Janelle: Gentleness is the strongest weapon we have).


(Lesson I learned from Ashley: Perhaps one of the smartest things we can do is ask a question).


(Lesson I learned from Jenna: Trusting means you’re trying).


(Lesson I’m learning from God: Maybe the most broken part of you is what God will use to fix someone else).


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