who are you dating? 

dating(blue)I am in love.

I love listening to people. I love writing blogs (obviously). I love sharing my favorite verses. I love tweeting encouragement. I love being a better person than I was yesterday.

But the other night, a thought hit me and I couldn’t sleep until I had to squint through the brightness of my phone and physically type it out.


Ugh. Because ultimately, it’s not about how many times I can tell someone I will pray for them or how many verses I can share by memory or how often I volunteer or how much money I donate. Blah, blah, blah.

Life is not about those things. They are good things, yes, but they’re not even close to being the main thing.

So here’s the question:

Who are you dating? 

Because if God wasn’t your answer, then I think you need to change your relationship status.

Lately, I have been in love with how people view me, how great I can be, and how many compliments I can get. Me, me, me. I don’t want to be in a relationship with myself anymore.

And that is exactly why God sent his son Jesus to this messed up world: to be in a relationship with me and with you. 

The thing I like about God is that he isn’t pushy, needy, or controlling. I love that most of his romancing is done in the quietness of our hearts, like:

in the middle of the night when we can’t sleep (me at the moment).

during the morning drive to school or work. 

at church when the worship leader stops singing and just lets the instruments play. 

Being in a relationship with God is what being a Christian is all about; the other things are just beautiful results of being his. But we have to be careful that those things don’t blind us from finding the true love of our life.

It’s hard though–most relationships are. And like all relationships, we are going to have to work at it everyday. So talk to Him when you drive alone, write Him love notes in a journal, go to church and actually sing the songs, open your bible instead of the app. It’s the little things.

What is your relationship status? Single? Taken? Or is it complicated?

My prayer is that we breakup with the things that don’t matter and fall crazy in love with the one who loved us first.


“God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” 1 John 4:16

Song//You See by Jonathan Ogden

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