Happy Birthday Myron

Myron might just be my favorite person in the whole world. For example, if I had to chose anyone to go on a long road trip across the country with, I would pick Myron. If I had to chose someone to sit next to during a sixteen hour speech, I would pick Myron. Or if I had to stand and watch grass grow, I would pick Myron everytime because he makes even the plainest things come to life. 

Myron is one of those people who never tries to be anyone else. And he doesn’t need to because he is naturally awesome just the way he is. I love Myron’s chill attitude and gentle kindness toward everyone around him. I have found that while Myron doesn’t say much, what he does say is always worth listening to and nine-times-out-of-ten will make you laugh out loud. 

And maybe that is why he is my favorite. Not just because we really love ice cream, have the same favorite TV series, or were both pitchers in baseball and softball, but because he makes me laugh when no one else can. His blunt and quirky sense of humor is what I live for. When his name lights up on my phone I don’t even have to look at the message and I’m already smiling. 

  Me and Ceej took Myron out for a little dinner tonight in Stillwater to celebrate his 15 years of life on earth. I’m blessed to have known him for all 15. I can’t wait to see the man he will  become and where God is going to take him. 

Myron, I love you more than Michael Scofield loves Sarah and more than Jim loves Pam. Happy birthday bro! 


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