Big Break (pre-adventure).

And today the adventure begins! I am all packed up for Panama City Florida. I can’t even believe that I just typed that out. I am going to FLORIDA. Like what? Oh my gosh. This is going to be crazy and I’m not real sure what this journey will bring but I’m praying God will show me. 

AHHH. I have like 20 minutes before I head out to the U of M Cru. Whaaaaaaat. The bus ride is going to be really long and I keep forgetting that we are driving alllll the way to Florida. Like, all the way. 

It’s weird that I am going alone. I’m praying that I can find some friends. Oh gosh, I am REALLY praying that I find some friends. Breathe Molly. It’s gonna be okay. Give me strength Lord. 

Well, here we go. Goodbye Wisconsin! I’ll keep you updated! 

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